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Olivia Colman Is a Frightening Appalachian Woman in Them That Follow Trailer

If you’ve recently thought, I haven’t watched a piece of Americana that makes me feel sad and hollow like Winter’s Bone lately, then get ready for Them That Follow. The film centers on a young woman named Mara (Alice Englert) who lives in an isolated community of snake-handling Pentecostals and is engaged to a man she does not fancy. She’s got eyes for Augie (Thomas Mann, forever pining), but her father, the lead pastor (Walton Goggins, who else?), will not abide her wandering affections. Then there’s Olivia Colman, who plays a terrifying and depressed-looking woman named Hope Slaughter. Hope Slaughter! Kaitlyn Dever and Jim Gaffigan also star in this dark thriller, which starts playing in theaters on August 2. A summer romp!

Them That Follow Trailer: Olivia Colman’s Scary Appalachian