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Tig Notaro Is Convinced Julie Bowen Is Talk-Show Host ‘Jules Bowen’

Funny or Die dropped the latest episode of its new web series Under a Rock With Tig Notaro today, in which the comedian is joined by a celebrity guest she knows nothing about and attempts to figure out who they are. This time, Notaro is presented with Modern Family’s Julie Bowen, and after discovering they both have distant relatives who served as mayors (and after Bowen allows Notaro to feel her pacemaker), the challenge begins. After seeing the clue — a bejeweled bow, a.k.a. a jewely bow(en) — Notaro is convinced that she’s talking to “Jules Bowen,” star of the hit casual talk show Mom Talk. Eventually, Notaro decides to give up and peek at the answer before figuring it out — something she didn’t have to resort to doing during last week’s episode with James “Dig the Beek” Van Der Beek. Better luck next time, Tig.

Tig Notaro Tries to Figure Out Who Julie Bowen Is