Netflix Renews Tim Robinson’s I Think You Should Leave Because There Is Still Good in This World

More of this please!! Photo: Netflix

Holy Bart Harley Jarvis, do we have some exciting comedy news for you. Netflix just announced that it’s handed out a season renewal to SNL and Detroiters alum Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin’s Lonely Island–produced sketch-comedy show I Think You Should Leave, which debuted its first season back in April and left us with many, many instantly meme-able moments. It also launched one man — the “Stinky!!” man — into instant viral fame and our hearts forever, so we very much hope to see a follow-up appearance from him when the next season graces our television screens.

“We are very excited to be working with The Lonely Island, Irony Point, and Netflix to make another season of I Think You Should Leave,” Robinson and Kanin said on the renewal. “We are so thankful we get to do it again!”

The next batch of episodes is slated to premiere sometime in 2020. In the meantime, here are some I Think You Can Leave GIFs that express how we feel about today’s season-two renewal:

Netflix Renews Tim Robinson’s I Think You Should Leave