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Blame Forky: Pixar Isn’t Pairing Toy Story 4 With Animated Short

Photo: Disney/Pixar

You know what this means: More previews and pleas to visit the wildly overpriced concession stand. After 23 years of Pixar always putting an animated short before the start of its movies, Toy Story 4 is marking the end of an era. Per Slate, a Disney representative confirmed there will be no short accompanying the film when it’s released on June 21, making it the first film in the Pixar canon since 1995’s Toy Story to be devoid of such bite-sized storytelling. No reason was given for the omission, although it’s hard not to conjure the unpleasant memories of the Coco-adjacent Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which famously tested viewers’ patience with its 21-minute runtime. (It was later pulled from theaters.) Still, Pixar shorts have mostly attained universal-acclaim status, with five of them winning the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

Pixar Isn’t Pairing Toy Story 4 With an Animated Short