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Veronica Mars Revival Trailer: This Spring Break Has Way Too High of a Death Toll

Veronica Mars is back, again, for real this time. After three seasons on TV, and that one crowdfunded movie, California’s best formerly teen blonde sleuth is returning to Hulu for a fourth season. Now, we’ve got a little teaser for that season, which promises that Kristen Bell’s title character has preserved her attitude (and her taser), and that the season will revolve around something happening during spring break in the show’s fictional town of Neptune, California. From what’s been revealed about the season so far, we know that creator Rob Thomas has described the new mystery as “hardcore So-Cal noir” that’ll focus on the murders of spring breakers in Neptune, which is damaging its tourist industry — something that resembles the plot of Thomas’s spinoff novel The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line, but will likely differ in execution. Veronica Mars’s fourth season will premiere on Hulu on July 26. Bring Your Own Tasers.

Veronica Mars Revival Trailer: Spring Break Gets Messy