Watch Dateline’s Keith Morrison Surprise His No. 1 Fan, Bill Hader

Like a little kid on Christmas morning, if his presents were filled with drifter DNA, Bill Hader radiated childlike glee on Sunday Today upon meeting Keith Morrison for the first time. The Barry star famously impersonated the Dateline host on Saturday Night Live, an impression born of a fandom Hader says is shared by John Mulaney and Larry David, among everyone else in America.

“I’m so nervous right now,” the actor told Morrison, before the pair shot a Dateline promo. “This is the coolest thing of all time.” You can see Hader’s extremely good take on Keith Morrison in the 2011 SNL sketch “Dateline: The Mystery of the Chopped Up Guy” below.

Watch Dateline’s Keith Morrison Surprise #1 Fan Bill Hader