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The Trinidadian Jumps Out in Nicki Minaj’s New Song, ‘Megatron’

Nicki Minaj said “Hot Girl summer? Don’t forget about me!” on her new single “Megatron.” Even though the title points to an aggressive, sci-fi flow and music video, like 2018’s “Chun Li,” “Megatron” almost feels likes “Super Bass.” The song is dancehall-inspired and a clear pitch for song of the summer. “Bratatata, shots, shots, shots, I’m drinking” are lyrics written for the express purpose of screaming them while wining on the dance floor. The music video leans into the title’s futuristic vibe with cool lights and editing while Nicki (or Chun Li or Queen or whatever we call her now) poses in the foreground.

The Trinidadian Jumps Out in Nicki Minaj’s Song, ‘Megatron’