Problem Areas Canceled by HBO; All Problems Fixed

Wyatt Cenac. Photo: HBO

Comedian Wyatt Cenac’s HBO series Problem Areas will not return for a third season on the network. On Twitter today, Cenac revealed that tonight’s episode, which airs at 11 p.m., will serve as the series finale. A rep for HBO confirmed the show’s cancellation to Vulture.

“I guess we were another casualty of that dragon fire at King’s Landing? Sad there won’t be season 3 or 17, but appreciate everything and everyone who made seasons 1 & 2 possible, whether that was working on it or watching it,” Cenac tweeted. “At a time when it feels like public discourse is toxic and change is a thing that only happens with elections or impeachments, it was cool to meet folks working to create change in their cities … On Twitter when discourse gets toxic, it’s possible to mute those voices and amplify others. @ProblemAreasHBO was our attempt to do that with a television show.”

Problem Areas debuted its first season last year and has been airing its second season since April. Over the course of 20 episodes, Cenac and his team covered everything from union labor to teacher salaries to the tech industry. If you watched the show, Cenac has a special message for you:

Problem Areas Canceled by HBO; All Problems Fixed