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50 Cent Says the Emmys Keep Snubbing Power Because of ‘Racial’ Bias

Photo: Getty Images/2019

Rapper, Vitamin Water mogul, and noted Ja Rule hater 50 Cent is one of the executive producers who shepherded Power — a crime drama that also showcases his talents as a leading man — to Starz years ago. Despite six seasons of critical and ratings acclaim, though, the show never cultivated much award-season traction, with 50 once even threatening to quit Power due to the frequent snubs. During a TCA press-tour panel on Friday, he expounded on why he believes the show never received any Emmys traction, and it boils down to the predominantly black cast. “I like to say it’s racial,” 50 explained. “That’s the easy way to get out of things. People who are running and connected to these ceremonies are not necessarily cool people.” (Courtney Kemp, Power’s creator, sarcastically added: “So now, we’ll never get one.”) He also saw parallels between the show and his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

“This project is the same material I used for my music,” 50 added. “I didn’t receive an award for Best New Artist when I had the largest debut for a hip-hop album. I sold more records for a first album today. I look at it the same. I’m going to make the numbers. The viewership before we’re done with it, they’ll be looking around saying, ‘Yeah, we fucked up again.’” Power has consistently been Starz’s highest-rated drama since its debut in 2014. It will be ending with an upcoming 15-episode season, set to debut next month.

50 Cent Says Emmys Are Snubbing Power Because of Racism