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Amazing Bagel: A Delightful Rumination on Miscarriage Etiquette

Featured Funny Video: Amazing Bagel

Writing-directing duo Betsy Kenney and Dara Katz have a new short that, on its face, is anything but funny. It follows Devin (Devin Bockrath) after a routine OB/GYN appointment turns into an unsettling piece of news about a miscarriage. Unsettling, but not tragic because, well, Devin wasn’t trying to get pregnant in the first place. Nevertheless, the news gives her pause. Maybe because a life was inside of her and is now lost without her even knowing. Maybe because her Coffee Meets Bagel fuck-buddy (played by Tim Baltz) is the would-be father of a would-be child, and the gravitas of what could’ve been makes her assess the gravity of their relationship (or lack thereof). Or, maybe because she just needs a moment to process the peculiarities of her own body at this moment. It’s never fully clarified, and that’s what makes the short so pure, so true, and as a result of that authenticity, so funny.

From a perfectly nonchalant turn by Ann Carr as Devin’s doctor to Tim Baltz’s sweet yet misguided promise to commit to Devin and to their unborn child that will never, in fact, be born, Amazing Bagel finds comedic footing in its embrace of the inherent confusion around no-strings-attached relationships and the precariousness of the bridge between young adulthood and grown-up responsibility. In the end, its most genuine and admirable quality is calling bullshit on that bridge as a complete and total figment of our imaginations.

Luke Kelly-Clyne is executive producer and head of development at Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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Amazing Bagel: A Rumination on Miscarriage Etiquette