Why on Earth Did Big Little Lies Cut That Deranged Ice-Cream Scene?


Apparently, Meryl Streep being slapped in the face was deemed more narratively dazzling than Meryl Streep being pelted with an ice-cream cone. We’re not upset, just disappointed! As revealed on a recent episode of Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast, a widely circulated (and memed) moment that was captured during the filming of Big Little Lies’ second season — in which Reese Witherspoon’s character angrily hurls the sugary treat at Streep — was ultimately left on the cutting-room floor. Why, you ask? Jury’s still out on that, although a sensible person may assume the scene met its demise due to (1) being a bit too superfluous in the grander scheme of the season, or (2) HBO hating the possibility of bringing joy to its viewers. To make up for the loss, may we suggest a modest proposal: Release this as a bonus scene or else.

Bad News: Big Little Lies Cut That Deranged Ice-Cream Scene