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Big Little Lies Finale: Meryl Streep and Laura Dern Have a Starbucks Showdown

Renata Klein (Laura Dern) didn’t wait in line at a Starbucks just to leave her double Americano (“Americanos don’t have milk”) behind on a day as stressful as Celeste’s court hearing. Coffee money is precious now! But that’s the effect Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) has on the Monterey Five. One second she’s ordering a mint tea and the next Renata is doling out another incredible rant. “I have spent every day of my goddamn life putting my family and my child first, so don’t go there,” Renata snaps. “Don’t go there, judge-y judger. Keep your eyes on your own fucking paper, Mary Louise.” She storms out, sans the double Americano she’d demanded. Convinced she is a saint (with a gold crucifix to prove it), Mary Louise offers to take the drink for Renata because they’re going to the same place anyway. Even though her kill-them-with-kindness façade feels a lot more like kill-them-with-poison, we get the feeling Mary Louise left the Starbucks baristas a nice tip. So maybe some good came out of this episode.

BLL Finale: Watch Meryl and Laura Dern’s Starbucks Showdown