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Catherine Hardwicke to Direct Lesbian-Viking Saga, Heathen

Photo: Jc Olivera/Getty Images

Catherine Hardwicke will be directing an adaptation of Vault Comics’ acclaimed queer feminist-viking series, Heathen. Created by Natasha Alterici, the book is about a Norse warrior woman, Aydis, who sets out the kill the ultimate patriarch himself, Odin. “Aydis decides to take on Odin himself and sets forth on a journey to free the defiant valkyrie Brynhild,” reports The Mary Sue, “with some help from the queer, polyamorous goddess of love, Freyja.” The series was published after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Kerry Williamson is writing the adaptation. “The entire Heathen team and I are incredibly excited about adapting my little lesbian viking comic for film, especially with a kindred spirit like Kerry writing it,” Alterici told Deadline. The Heathen adaptation comes on the heels of Marvel’s announcement that Natalie Portman will be playing Thor in the upcoming Love & Thunder. Hardwicke is no stranger to femme-horror adaptations of myth. The director sank her teeth into the first Twilight movie before taking on the dark and gritty reimagining of Red Riding Hood.

Catherine Hardwicke to Direct Lesbian-Viking Movie, Heathen