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College Car Keys Teaches Kids Everywhere What to Do When Dad Offers

Featured Funny Video: College Car Keys

This summer, thousands of teens will get their licenses. Some of them will be heading off to college in August. Others still will be flying the proverbial coop to kick-start their lives on the shores of adulthood. All will want a car, and many may be so lucky to drive one, maybe thanks to a parent who tosses their teen a set of keys before the big moment where they cross the threshold between mom and dad’s asphalt and the big, bad world.

Writer Connor Hurley knows that parent, it seems, or at least he’s very well-acquainted with saccharine car commercials. Starring Griffin Patrick Davis and Jacob Gerstel, College Car Keys presents that seemingly ubiquitous moment (has a parent ever just tossed keys with such reckless disregard for insurance premiums, though?), which materializes as a clinic in sketch-writing. A simple premise is elevated by ever-heightening key-delivery mechanisms — father to son and back again, again, and again.

There’s nothing like expressing gratitude when it comes to accepting a generous gift from the person who raised you. Except, maybe, realizing your dad fucks a small animated blue jay. Wait, what did you just read?

I told you College Car Keys heightens well!

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College Car Keys Teaches Kids What to Do When Dad Offers