Just Thought That We Should Let You Know Diddy Is Bringing Back MTV’s Making the Band

Diddy and the ladies of Danity Kane Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images

You’ve been trying to patch up the wound left by the cancellation of Making the Band since 2009, but it turns out, only Diddy had the first aid kit handy. On Monday, the former maestro of the musical reality show announced his plans to reboot the series for MTV in 2020. After the show was initially conceived by late boy band manger and convicted financial criminal Lou Pearlman, Diddy took the reigns in 2002 and oversaw the formation of Danity Kane, Day26, Da Band, and Donnie Klang. (Perlman oversaw the creation of the group O-Town, and our “Liquid Dreams” were never the same.)

Of course, since the last decade has brought us a social media boom, it’s only fair that everyone on the planet should get a chance at stardom. “It’s not just about America and America’s music. It’s about everybody’s voice,” Diddy said in an Instagram video, encouraging performers to upload their audition videos to #MTBCasting. “So we’re doing a global talent search.” He also promises contestants will have to get him “way better things” then a slice of Junior’s cheesecake, so the new reboot will also finally reveal what’s better than cheesecake — a fun little added bonus.

Diddy Reassembles MTV’s Making the Band to Debut in 2020