Emma Stone Wants Zombieland Movies to Be a Fun Tradition We All Share

Photo: Kevin Mazur/MG19/Getty Images for The Met Museum/

You know when you’re with a group of friends and you think “wow, this is fun, we should get together at this same restaurant every week!” But you all know that’d be impossible with your busy schedules, so instead you settle for every ten years? That’s apparently the deal Emma Stone tried to make with the cast of Zombieland. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Ruben Fleischer, who directed both the original film and the upcoming sequel Zombieland: Double Tap, said a third movie is not at all out of the question. “We have to see how this one’s received and if that’s something audiences would want,” Fleischer said. “But I think we all had so much fun making this one, we’d be really lucky to get to return to Zombieland. Although, I will say, Emma said, she thought it would be fun if we did one of these every 10 years. Knowing that Woody’s just the healthiest guy there is, he’s going to outlive all of us, and so we can just keep doing them every 10 years, ‘til the end of time.” Someone please knock on some wood immediately.

Emma Stone Wants Zombieland Movies to Be a Fun Tradition