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Please Tell Us If You Bought Pottery Barn’s $1,100 Friends Apothecary Table

The original. Photo: NBC

The power of nostalgia has compelled Pottery Barn to curate a kitschy collection of Friends items for your home, which, besides eternally celebrating our beloved sextet, was created to ring in the show’s 25th (!) anniversary this fall. Between the reasonably priced mugs and throw pillows, though, is an item that only the 0.1 percent of Friends fanatics would even dare flirt with: It’s the apothecary table made famous in a season-six episode, where Rachel tries to conceal her new table’s origins from noted Big Furniture hater, Phoebe. “This iconic piece was recreated down to the last detail,” Pottery Barn teased, “from the antique-inspired hardware to drawers originally designed for CDs.” It’s also made of mahogany wood and metal, and, oh yeah, costs a mean $1,099.

Buy me! Buy me! Photo: John Merkl

Pottery Barn demurred at telling Vulture how many apothecary tables have been sold so far, so we have no choice but to bring our fact-finding mission to the public. Did you buy this table as an ultimate Friends devotee? Did you just see it at a random Pottery Barn and think, Hey, that’s a nice table and I want it in my solarium? Or did you seek refuge in a Pottery Barn during stressful unagi training and buy it out of pity? Alert us for any of the above.

Did You Buy Pottery Barn’s $1,100 Friends Apothecary Table?