Stop What You’re Doing and Listen to Haim’s New Summer Anthem ‘Summer Girl’

Haim has a little something to get off their chest — namely, all of their stuffy winter jackets and hoodies! (Megan Thee Stallion didn’t declare this a Hot Girl Summer™ for nothing.) For their new single “Summer Girl,” Danielle, Este, and Alana walk down the sidewalks of Los Angeles stripping down to their summer best. It’s all languid, leisurely fun, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. How’s that for once upon a time dot dot dot in Hollywood! Trailing behind is Henry Solomon, playing the saxophone. “Summer Girl” is co-produced by Rostam Batmanglij and Ariel Rechtshaid, plus a little “Walk on the Wild Side” doot doot doot melody. “I started the song when I found out my partner had cancer. I was on tour and felt like I was trying to send positive energy his way almost telepathically,” Danielle wrote in a press release. “Whenever I would come home in between shows I wanted to be his sunshine — his summer when he was feeling dark. His hope when he was feeling hopeless.”

Stop What You’re Doing And Listen to Haim’s New Summer Song