Please Enjoy These Videos of Shaq Dancing to Modestep at Tomorrowland

Photo: YouTube

Shaquille O’Neal is a retiree with plenty of money and free time who doesn’t really play golf, so instead he continues exploring his long-held passion for music. Shaq, or, as he’s known now, DJ Diesel, performed a full one-hour set this weekend at the Tomorrowland Music Festival in Belgium. But, as a true music enthusiast, he was not content to spending the rest of the festival lounging in the backstage VIP area. No, Shaq is a man who lives his life to the absolute fullest. He must dance, mosh, and stand in the very front row in what must’ve sent everyone standing behind him on the emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime. Please enjoy the below videos of the Diesel himself rocking out to Modestep’s set, as well as the YouTube video of his own set, for it is moments like these that should remind you: Joy, it exists.

Here’s Shaq Dancing to Modestep at Tomorrowland