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Will Smith Celebrates Jaden Smith’s 21st Birthday by Telling All His Friends How He Was Conceived

You and your friends might want to ring in your 21st year watching the sunset and exchanging energy-imbued geodes, but your dad, as always, has other plans. In celebration of Jaden Smith’s 21st birthday, Will Smith did the most dad thing possible and just absolutely held court the entire time. “I’ve kept from saying this since you were born,” the actor declares in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel. “Most of the decisions that developed you were your mother. ‘Cause I was at work! I wasn’t home,” says Smith. “‘Your mother did most of the work! I’m not goin’ front!”

In addition to passing out fatherly advice (never break two laws at one time) and boasting about staying married to wife Jada, Will Smith also describes a few specifics of the night Jaden was conceived to Jaden’s friends. The highlights? A (no doubt amazing) Mexican villa and, of course, tequila shots. “That’s how you got here,” Smith gleefully announces.

“You just make us proud every single day. So here’s to your 21st birthday, and here’s to you being a full grown man,” Smith concluded, toasting his son. “And here’s to being off my insurance. Here’s to paying your own bills. I’m gonna have the accountants transfer all your stuff first thing tomorrow morning.”

Jaden Smith Spends 21st Birthday Watching His Dad Hold Court