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Listen to Big Sean’s Breakup Anthem Featuring His Ex, Jhené Aiko

When I was in high school, the two star theater kids broke up in the middle of our production of Anything Goes. Night after night, they had to fake kiss in front of their parents and teachers. It was excruciating. Now imagine those kids are grown, and are choosing to co-mingle their professional lives despite a semi-amicable split. That’s Big Sean and Jhené Aiko. Aiko provides guest vocals on “Single Again,” Sean’s ode to taking time to work on oneself. The song also features Ty Dolla $ign. Big Sean has recently realized that he masked his own problems with relationships, and needs to learn how to be alone. In order to do this, he needs his ex-girlfriend to sing with him. Makes perfect sense.

In other words, Big Sean has met someone else. They’re having better discussions. His name is Seanny, and he’s so cool with that.

Jhené Aiko Guested on Her Ex Big Sean’s Breakup Anthem