Justin Bieber Reminds Trump A$AP Rocky Isn’t the Only Person He Can Free

Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

A$AP Rocky’s detention in Sweden has swiftly escalated into a diplomatic issue, as celebrity President Donald Trump has decided to get directly involved, thanks to the pleas of his celebrity friends. Kim Kardashian West and her husband, Kanye, reached out to the president to ask for his help, and Trump addressed the nation on Twitter saying he was on the case. But while fellow celebrity Justin Bieber is grateful for the president’s intercession on behalf of his celebrity friends, he also thinks maybe the president should also focus on the non-famous people he himself has been detaining here in the US. “I want my friend out.. I appreciate you trying to help him. But while your [sic] at it @realDonaldTrump can you also let those kids out of cages?”

POTUS chose not to engage with Bieber’s tweet, instead tweeting an update on a call he had with the Swedish prime minister, in which he said he was assured the rapper would be treated “very fairly” and claimed to have offered to pay his bail.

Justin Bieber Tells Trump to Free More Than Just A$AP Rocky