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Marvel Phase 4: Mahershala Ali Will Star in Blade Feature Film

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige snuck a day-walker into Hall H. After passing out 7,000 Black Widow hats to the audience of Marvel’s big Phase Four talk, Mahershala Ali walked on to the Comic-Con stage, hatless. “Mahershala,” said Feige, “don’t you have a hat of your own?” And, bam! Out comes a black hat with a blood-red Blade logo. The crowd went batshit, aptly enough for a vampire movie. A two-time Academy Award winner, Ali will be one of the most prestigious thespians to ever punch CGI monsters. Wesley Snipes first brought Blade, a Dhampir who fights full-blooded vampires in honor of his human mother, to the screen. Blade does not yet have a release date, or co-stars, or really anything but a hat. But snagging Ali is a big win for Disney and Marvel.

Mahershala Ali Will Star in Blade Feature Film