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Marc Maron Won’t Bad-Mouth Gallagher or Joaquin Phoenix, So Stop Asking!

Marc Maron was a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, along with Ellie Kemper. He was asked to spill the tea on his podcast guests and movie co-stars, as is the custom of that show. Maron wouldn’t say who the worst guest on WTF was, even though Gallagher walked out on him mid-interview at the barest prodding of his racist jokes. Maron was also asked what filming Joker with the moody and methodic Joaquin Phoenix was like. He didn’t say it was unpleasant, per se, but he did make it sound like being in the same room with Phoenix is a lot like being in a room with a wild animal. “Joaquin was pacing,” Maron told Cohen. “It was made clear to me that you just sort of … leave him over there. You don’t approach him.”

Marc Maron Weighs in on Joaquin Phoenix and Gallagher