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The One Where Pottery Barn Starts Selling Friends Furniture, Just Because

Photo: NBC

Could we be any more excited to run up some credit card debt while refurbishing our shoebox apartments with overpriced nostalgia pieces? Not possible! In celebration of Friends’ 25th anniversary (and now, in memoriam of Friends leaving Netflix), Pottery Barn has unveiled a small capsule collection dedicated to the show, set to be shoppable on July 30. Per the company, the collection will consist of 14 pieces for various parts of the home, which will range between $13 to $1,099 in price.

Amusingly, one of the few confirmed items so far (in addition to some throw pillows and mugs) is a chic “apothecary table” that calls back to a memorable season-six episode, when Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) purchases the table from Pottery Barn, but doesn’t tell Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), a noted hater of Big Furniture. We’re just gonna assume there’s a holiday armadillo sconce included as well.

The One Where Pottery Barn Starts Selling Friends Furniture