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Solange Is Unfazed by Jeopardy! Contestants Knowing Nothing About Her

Celebrities reacting to Jeopardy! clues about them is one of the few good things left on this earth, even when the trio of contestants don’t know how to answer and embarrass themselves in front of their game-show dad, Alex Trebek. Such fun occurred during a Jep! game earlier this week, when the $1,000 clue in the “Home Entertainment” category asked for the title of Solange’s 2019 album that was “full of nostalgia for her native Houston.” (Yes, it’s very good.) The three music noobs sat in stone-cold silence for a few seconds before Trebek gave them the answer, When I Get Home, which prompted Bey’s sister to offer a li’l message of forgiveness on Twitter the next day: “Lmaoooooo.” James Holzhauer would’ve gotten it correct, obvi.

Solange Unfazed by Jeopardy! Contestants Not Knowing Her