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Ready, Aim, Listen to Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘The Archer’ From Lover

Aim! Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Amazon

Taylor Swift’s new single from Lover is out, and, as she teased it with a GIF of an arrow hitting a target from the “You Need to Calm Down” video, it’s called “The Archer” … symbolism! Produced by Jack Antonoff, who Taylor also worked with on Reputation, the song finds Taylor slipping into a slower groove singing about how “I’ve been the archer / I’ve been the prey.” It’s potentially an admission that she does, in fact, love drama and getting into fights, even if she’s played the victim, but it could also be a metaphor about how Taylor Swift is playing a cat (as in the movie Cats, starring Taylor Swift, out this December), which is prey, and Taylor Swift is also an archer … hunting … cats? Okay, maybe that’s unlikely, but in any case, Taylor also released a video writing out all the lyrics in cupid-esque cursive, so you can do the close reading yourself, and figure out where exactly she’s going with the Humpty Dumpty interpolation. “The Archer” is the fifth track on “Lover.” Swift has previously released the songs “You Need to Calm Down” and “ME!”  The full album is out August 23.

Ready, Aim, Listen to Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘The Archer’