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And Now, The Bachelorette’s Hannah and Luke P. Are Fighting About Sin on Twitter

Photo: ABC

With the Lord as Vulture’s witness, Hannah Brown finally came to her senses on last night’s Bachelorette episode, when she dumped the holier-than-thou Luke Parker after his repeated slut-shaming comments about her sex life. (Among other insults, he said God “might” be able to forgive her “slip-ups,” even though the bedroom should always be kept “pure” for married couples.) Parker, a born-again virgin who said in last night’s episode that he has abstained from sex for about three years, didn’t take the dumping lightly, with the show already teasing his unwelcome return at a future rose ceremony. However, the internet is now, so on Twitter last night Parker reignited his holy beef with Brown about religion, Christianity, and … what it means to be a sinner?

“The difference in how we view sin is seen in the response, I’m weeping at mine and you’re laughing at yours. All sin stings. My heart hurts for both of us,” Parker wrote in response to Brown’s humorous meme tweets about having sex in a windmill. “There is a difference between eating with sinners who laugh and sinners who laugh at their sin. Sin is the very thing that put Jesus on the cross and that’s not a laughing matter.” Brown, unamused, said she wasn’t going to be lectured by a man who “threw deli meat in a guys lap,” adding that she also wasn’t going to “allow someone who comes in the name of God to bring me something that God has taken off me.”

“Your tweets about the windmill and the wood were enough, it’s not about the action it’s about the response,” Parker concluded. “If you want to talk about it, you know how to get ahold of me.”

We have a feeling Brown didn’t take him up on his offer.

The Bachelorette’s Hannah and Luke P. Are Feuding About Sin