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Aunt Lydia Does Some Pre-Gilead Flirting in This Handmaid’s Tale Flashback

When your Tinder prospects continue to look abysmal at best, just remember this: If Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) could have an active dating life before the world went to absolute hell, you can too. In this exclusive clip from The Handmaid’s Tale’s upcoming episode “Unfit,” we get a brief glimpse of what life was like for Lydia prior to the Gilead uprising that turned her into an oppressor of Handmaids. And you know what? It looks … pretty nice! She’s on a date, wearing a glittery blouse, and talking about, uh, normal job stuff. “Family law was good practice,” she explains to her smitten companion, played by John Ortiz. “The system now is better because it’s all been privatized, but then it was very frustrating, because you couldn’t help as many children as you wanted.” Maybe she wasn’t always so terrible?

Aunt Lydia Does Some Flirting in This Handmaid’s Tale Clip