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The Hunt Trailer: Betty Gilpin Kills Her Way to a Showdown With Hilary Swank

With The Purge movies on hiatus until next year, Blumhouse knows you’re craving some eat-the-rich content on the big screen. So get ready for director Craig Zobel’s The Hunt. It’s like a combination of Purge and Hostel sensibilities with a group of average American strangers being rounded up and shipped to a rural European location so rich people can hunt them for sport. Hilary Swank stars as the evil mastermind of the annually staged game, who resolutely refuses to consider the gathered prey to be “people,” and Betty Gilpin is the Mississippi native that all these rich assholes are going to regret black-bagging and dragging across the world. Because for some reason, she seems to be an elite combat specialist — or something! Ike Barinholtz and Emma Roberts are among her fellow kidnapped, which is fun, and we are absolutely ready for Gilpin to take her fighting skills out of the GLOW ring and for Swank to settle into her Villains phase. The Hunt commences in theaters on September 27.

The Hunt Trailer: Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Murder