Tina Fey and Tan France Give Rachel Dratch the Mom-Jeans Makeover of Her Dreams

Written in 2003, SNL’s famous “Mom Jeans” commercial aired at the height of America’s thong-revealing, Paris Hilton pelvic bone-exposing low-jean mania. Sixteen years later, mom jeans are the jeans for both the fashion forward and moms alike. (Your abdomen has to go somewhere.) In the latest episode of Tan France’s Netflix-YouTube series, Dressing Funny, in which the Queer Eye star puts comedians in a variety of insanely hip outfits they will never wear again, Tina Fey helps Rachel Dratch find the perfect new look to liven up her wardrobe. Surprise, bitch! It’s mom jeans!

As it turns out, mom jeans paired with giant white orthopedic Stella McCartney Velcro sneaks are extremely good now. The Ariana Grande giant sweatshirt-and-tall-boots look is fun, too, but maybe not for everyday use. As Tina explains, “When you’re Ariana and you’re 26, you wear this. When a woman our age wears this, it’s a mental-health issue.”

Tina Fey, Tan France Give Rachel Dratch a Mom-Jeans Makeover