Just an Appreciation of Swole Logan on Veronica Mars

Photo: Michael Desmond/Hulu

To be clear, this piece does not have any Veronica Mars spoilers. Enjoy!

There’s much to discuss about Hulu’s fascinating if messy Veronica Mars revival, which came out a week early this past Friday, but this is not a place where we will really be doing that. Instead, this is just a post where we appreciate the most shocking development of the new season, which appears a mere 12 minutes into the first episode: Logan Echolls is ridiculously swole now, like, it’s so much to take. You can start calling me “the Seaside Town of Neptune During Spring Break,” because I, personally, am overwhelmed.

The series reintroduces Jason Dohring’s character, who’s dating Veronica, by way of a grand, Daniel Craig–in–Casino Royale entrance from the ocean, complete with skimpy swimsuit and surfboard. Let’s watch it right now:

In between the making of the original series, the Kickstarter movie, and now, Dohring appears to have committed to making himself superhero-level fit, which apparently means expanding his arms so that you could fit a small human inside each biceps. In the universe of the show, Logan is now a full-fledged military man who’s been deployed to some mysterious overseas locations he can’t talk about, and we can only assume he’s spent all his time there doing push-ups and downing various forms of protein powder. Sorry, we’re gonna need another GIF:

Anyway, as we enter back into the series, we also know that Logan is much more chilled out, thanks to his new life of discipline and muscles — and, crucially, therapy. This is a big change from the Logan who we knew previously as disaffected, jerk-ass rich kid on a slow redemption arc and an even bigger change from the Logan we saw at the very beginning of the series, who organized fights between homeless people and did other things that a TV network might’ve thought would make a character seem edgy in 2004 but are really pretty gross. Anyway, now we have generally more relaxed, extremely swole Logan, which is a pretty nice thing. Enjoy watching the rest of the show, and have another GIF, this one complete with back muscles!

Just an Appreciation of Swole Logan on Veronica Mars