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Nicole Kidman On the Big Little Lies Scene She’d Love to Reshoot

While discussing lies (big ones, little ones, and big little ones alike) on the Big Little Lies roundtable, Nicole Kidman (Celeste) and Shailene Woodley (Jane) got a little more insight into their characters and what might have motivated them during a particular scene. At this point in the show, lies, secrets, and self-protection are blurring together. Even the most integral and necessary secrets cause conflict, like when Celeste and Jane are learning how to navigate their unique family. “It’s one of my favorite scenes when you say ‘I have to tell my son a certain thing,’” Reese Witherspoon says of the scene where Jane decides to tell Ziggy (Iain Armitage) about his father, Celeste’s late husband (with a stunning avoidance of spoilers we just can’t replicate). “I want to reshoot that scene,” Kidman says immediately. “I feel like now I know how to play it.” Woodley wholeheartedly agrees. To be fair, if Nicole Kidman was looking at us that intently we would agree with anything she said, too. It’s the eyes. They’re so blue.

Nicole Kidman Wants to Reshoot One Vital BLL Scene