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John Travolta Goes Full Misery on Devon Sawa in The Fanatic Trailer

Brace yourselves, because there’s a lot of information about to come at you in the trailer for The Fanatic. John Travolta plays a man named Moose who is obsessed with movie star named Hunter Dunbar. Hunter Dunbar is played by Devon Sawa. When Moose is unable to meet his idol at an autograph signing, he does exactly what you think he’s going to do: find out where Hunter lives, break into his home, and do progressively creepy things until he commits to going totally Annie Wilkes. On top of all that, the whole affair was directed by Fred Durst, as in Limp Bizkit Fred Durst. Find out what happens to Moose and Hunter on August 30.

John Travolta Goes Full Misery in The Fanatic Trailer