Zombie Post Malone Doesn’t Scare Kathryn Newton or Young Thug in ‘Goodbyes’ Video

Don’t let the ’50s aesthetic fool you — this video for Post Malone’s song “Goodbyes” begins with the rapper suffering a graphic stabbing death, complete with squishy sound effects! But this is a man who flatly refuses to let death take him, having survived an emergency landing in his private plane, a car crash, and avoided an armed robbery all in the last year. So the rest of the video follows a zombified Post Malone (who still loves cigarettes and beer) scaring numerous townsfolk on a quest to reunite himself with Big Little Lies’s Kathryn Newton. A sequin-jacketed Young Thug plays the only person who isn’t surprised to see that he is risen, casually making his way over to a piano to accompany the zombie’s dead-eyed tune.

Zombie Post Malone Doesn’t Scare Young Thug, Kathryn Newton