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A Night at the Horse Symphony Is Period Perfection

Featured Funny Video: A Night at the Horse Symphony

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood be darned, Tarantino isn’t the only scamp who can create period perfection. No, the team behind A Night at the Horse Symphony have their affairs as in order as QT or, you know, the contents of the walk-in closet in their Classic Six.

Written by and starring Langan Kingsley and Bridger Winegar, directed by Kelly Hudson, and featuring spot-on contributions by producer Rob Hatch-Miller and director of photography Markus Mentzer, ANATHS unfolds in three separate parts — before, during, and after the Horse Symphony. Serving as our guides through the action are Hilton Carla (Winegar) and Galleria Tercel (Kingsley), two mid-Atlantic-talking fancies who share a painstakingly appointed apartment, bemoan the tastes of “too oaky” brandy, and apparently undergo couples therapy even though they’re not a romantic item.

From lamenting the misplacement of patent leather peep toes to Taffy’s downright dangerous reorganization of the walk-in and the pure joy one feels upon the arrival of “the Town Car,” ANATHS is the perfect combo of 1940s nostalgia and modern-day absurdity. As Hilton puts it while marveling at what we can only imagine to be the finest horse musicians ever, “This is why I’m a season-ticket holder.” And then, soon after, “Someone should kill all of these horses.” Nonsense, yes, but also somehow brilliant. In fact, for maximum enjoyment, no viewer should question a thing about Hilton and Galleria’s brand of high society. Only when we let it wash over us completely does ANATHS become the sharpest version of black-and-white belly-laughing delight.

Luke Kelly-Clyne is executive producer and head of development at Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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A Night at the Horse Symphony Is Period Perfection