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Pay Your Respects to Everyone in the American Horror Story: 1984 Trailer

It’s slasher season in the trailer for American Horror Story: 1984. A few youngsters head off into the woods to work at a summer camp. Innocent enough? Coincidentally, a murderer is on the loose and somebody (Cody Fern) neglected to mention that until they were three seconds from veering off of a road. Mr. Jingles (from the trailer, that seems to be his given name), has escaped from a nearby facility and may be back to repeat his original summer-camp massacre. AHS: 1984 isn’t just set in the ’80s; it’s taking a page from all the ’80s slashers that gave you nightmares as a kid. Matthew Morrison (Glee), Angelica Ross (Pose), Zach Villa (Shameless), Leslie Grossman (AHS: Apocalypse), DeRon Horton (Dear White People), and skier Gus Kenworthy round out the cast. Not included: Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, who have featured in every other season of American Horror Story. They will be missed, but not nearly as missed as all the characters who are gonna wind up dead by the end of AHS: 1984.

Rest In Peace to Everyone in the AHS: 1984 Trailer