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The Antlers Trailer Features a Huge Beast Terrorizing Keri Russell

If you commit to being in a movie connected even in some way to Guillermo del Toro, you’ll first need to come to terms with the fact that you’re either going to be friends with or hunted by some big, otherworldly creature. In the case if Antlers, it’s unfortunately the latter scenario for Keri Russell. Directed by Scott Cooper and based on a short story by Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca, Antlers concerns a young boy who is connected to — maybe living with? Maybe related to? — at least one terrifying monster. His teacher is played by Keri Russell, and her brother is played by Jesse Plemons, who fills the role of local sheriff. Together, the small-town adult siblings take an interest in the little boy’s apparently dangerous secret he’s keeping, and then everything gets more messed up from there. Antlers will debut in 2020.

Antlers Trailer Features a Beast Terrorizing Keri Russell