Billy Bush’s Return to TV Will Show His Fun and Fabulous ‘Working Journalist’ Life

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Three years after Billy Bush was embroiled in the Donald Trump “pussy” tape controversy (and lost his cushy Today gig in the process), he will return to television with his very own Extra show on September 6. Welcome back? Per the New York Times, Bush will be the host of ExtraExtra, a rebooted version of the long-running series, which hopes to target the coveted millennial crowd. “This is watching a working journalist — a rarity in this genre — whose contacts in Hollywood are second to none,” the show’s producer, Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, explained. “Watching Billy call stars directly. Watching him racing against deadline. Watching him greet the Real Housewife who unbelievably arrives for an on-set interview with a ten-person entourage.”

Bush, who expressed remorse numerous times for giggling at and encouraging Trump’s “pussy” comment on the set of Access Hollywood in 2005, also wants to assure viewers that he’s grown a lot professionally and emotionally since the scandal broke. “I will absolutely be better at my job than I ever was,” he told the Times. “Because I have empathy. I do not like the tearing down of people and this lack of forgiveness and the shaming. I think the people I interview will appreciate that.” We’ll wait and see.

Billy Bush’s TV Return to Show His ‘Working Journalist’ Life