Conan’s Assistant Successfully Out-Binges Robert De Niro’s Ex-Employee in Epic Friends Marathon

Fans of Conan O’Brien’s beloved longtime assistant, Sona Movsesian (whom the late-night host interviewed after Kumail Nanjiani abruptly canceled last month), know she could watch Friends all day long and Conan would do nothing nothing about it. This week, however, the show put her binge-watching skills to the official test. Inspired by news that Robert De Niro’s ex-employee Chase Robinson watched 55 episodes of Friends in four days while on the job (one of the many wild specifics in the actor’s lawsuit against Robinson), Conan challenged Movsesian to do the same, checking in on her progress throughout the week. You already know she blew past the required 55 episodes, but by how many?

That’s right, Sona breezed through 58 episodes, frankly two more than she really needed, reportedly taking her from “The One at the Beach” to approximately “The One With Ross’s Denial” — give or take. For her efforts, O’Brien awarded Sona with Friends on VHS, a basket of edibles, and six puppies — one named after each Friends character. But in the end, Movsesian took home an even bigger prize: not being sued by Robert De Niro.

Conan Assistant Beats De Niro Employee’s Epic Friends Binge