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Conan O’Brien Attempted to Buy Greenland Over the Weekend

Conan O’Brien in Greenland. Photo: Conan/Instagram

In response to the recent news that Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland, late-night host Conan O’Brien decided to pay a visit to the Danish territory for a new Conan Without Borders TBS special, and he shared plenty of updates during the trip. The visit kicked off last Wednesday, when O’Brien shared a clip on Instagram of his VIP Greenland arrival. He greeted pretty much all of the locals waiting outside his airplane by saying, naturally, “Hi, I’m here to buy your country!”

After polling people for a few hours about whether or not they’re cool with the idea of Trump buying their homeland, O’Brien posted an update: “So far I’m getting mixed messages. Some people say ‘No,’ other people say ‘NO!!!’”

In case it wasn’t clear by now, O’Brien really leaned into the Trump angle on this trip:

During Monday night’s episode of his TBS show, O’Brien shared a sneak peek from the special, in which he checks out a famous statue in Greenland called “Mother of the Sea.” He had some questions. “That’s the Mother of the Sea? I see an interspecies orgy.”

There’s also a half-hour video on the Team Coco Facebook page of O’Brien checking out the icebergs in Ilulissat, which is pretty interesting if you ignore the fact that our planet is currently, and literally, on fire:

On Tuesday night’s show, O’Brien shared another short clip from his trip, where he chats with two kids (whose names he can’t pronounce) who spend most of the time giggling at everything at him: “You guys are the best! Do you want to come to Los Angeles and be in my audience and just laugh at everything I say? I will pay you!”

In conclusion, it looks like O’Brien’s very short trip to Greenland was a success:

The Greenland special airs on TBS next Tuesday, September 3, at 10 p.m. O’Brien also traveled to Ghana alongside Sam Richardson back in June for another remote special that will air on November 7, so prepare some very “International Conan”–filled upcoming months.

Conan O’Brien Attempted to Buy Greenland Over the Weekend