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Relive the Complete Chaos That Was Conan O’Brien Hosting Late Night to an Audience of Kids

Last week, Will Ferrell pulled off a pretty impressive TV stunt by appearing on six of the late-night shows in one night in character as Ron Burgundy. But the Burgundy stunt can’t even distantly compete with a stunt that Conan O’Brien pulled off on his NBC show back in 1997, and thanks to Team Coco uploading the full thing today, we can all revisit the chaotic, batshit insanity that was the Late Night with Conan O’Brien episode that had an audience completely filled only with hyper, easily bored, and out-of-control children.

With the exception of a brief animal segment, the show didn’t do much pandering to its young audience when it came to the guests, which included NewsRadio star Dave Foley (who had to just take it while the kids chanted “BORING! BORING!” at him) and CNN financial expert Myron Kandel (because nothing screams “for kids” like blathering on about Wall Street). The episode also features O’Brien and Andy Richter threatening to send children to “Naughty Land” — which looks very fun — if they misbehave; punchlines the audience will never understand about O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton; the “Boredom Monster”; a quick tour of the Late Night studio (featuring a quick cameo of Don Pardo); and a completely bonkers segment near the end of the episode called “Sick Exotic Bird Parade,” in which people dressed in bird costumes wander around the audience and puke on the kids. It’s absolutely crazy late-night viewing, and the internet is now much, much better for providing a way to watch the full thing. Thank you, Team Coco, for your service.

Revisit the Time Conan’s Audience Was Just a Bunch of Kids