Rachel Bloom Is So, So Happy for You in This Cut Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Song

That vacation to the South of France? Your engagement? The fact that you look incredible in the Fleabag jumpsuit? Could not be happier for you. Swear. No, your eye is twitching. Rachel Bloom sums up that intense feeling when you hate-like an acquaintance’s photo on Instagram as Rebecca Bunch in the cut Crazy Ex-Girlfriend musical number, “I’m So Happy 4 U.” Rebecca lives on, and she’s trying her hardest to be encouraging of her friends Paula, Valencia, and Heather in this saccharine pop song. But at the same time, it’s like “God forbid something good should happen to me.” The video’s caption says the song was cut out of season four, episode five because “Rachel looked TOO good in that tracksuit” and we’d like to give her pre-Euphoria neon eye makeup a special shout out, too. The smiley face on her forehead speaks volumes. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season four soundtrack is out now, but the “I’m So Happy 4 U” bonus track will be available for download soon. Alright, gotta go buy houseplants for all my enemies friends, bye!

Rachel Bloom Is So Happy for You in Cut Crazy Ex Song