Come Together, Right Now, and Look at Drake’s F-You Tattoo to the Beatles

Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

It’s only a matter of time before Drake reigns as the supreme music leader of our country’s Top 100 chart, with the rapper currently nestled at the number-two spot between the Beatles (34 top 10 songs) and Madonna (38 top 10 songs). Drake was able to surpass the Beatles earlier this summer thanks to releasing a few surprise tracks, and now, per Complex, he’s celebrating his dominance over the Liverpool Four in the most permanent way possible: with a tattoo on his forearm that shows him stopping the band from crossing Abbey Road. (Or, for a more generous reading, waving at the band while crossing.) Just normal flex stuff!

Drake’s penchant for gloating about kicking the Beatles’ asses began earlier this year, when he incorporated the line “I got more slaps than the Beatles” into his “Going Bad” collaboration with Meek Mill. By that point, Drake had broken a separate Beatles chart record, for the most songs simultaneously in the Hot 100’s top 10. (There are a bunch of potential chart records to break.)

Can’t wait to see how he transforms Madonna’s True Blue profile into a shoulder tattoo when that record is broken.

Drake’s New Tattoo Is a Big F-You to the Beatles