omar and ander forever

Élite, Netflix’s Best Horny Teen Drama, Will Return September 6

Photo: See What’s Next/Twitter

School’s out for Euphoria, but the back-to-school bell is just ringing for the horny, murderous teens of Netflix’s Spanish-language high-school drama Élite. On Tuesday, Netflix released a teaser for the show’s second season, confirming that it will premiere September 6. Season one was full of secret drug deals, illicit romances, class warfare, slammed locker doors, sibling resentment, and one truly perfect couple (Omar and Ander forever!). It was Big Little Lies meets Gossip Girl: an exclusive private school in Spain was the site of a grisly murder of a popular, troubled student. The season-two teaser looks like hell, in the best way: everyone working their angles, stuffing money into duffel bags, smirking at the camera. Bliss!

Élite, Netflix’s Best Teen Drama, Will Return September 6