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Hugh Grant Correctly Says Paddington 2 Was His Greatest Film

Photo: Warner Bros.

With apologies to literally every single romantic comedy released between 1994 and 2007, Hugh Grant has contemplated his cinematic masterpiece, and officially ruled it wasn’t that time he seduced a woman with his puppy-dog eyes by pretending to work at Horse & Hound. No way — it’s all about that fuzzy CGI-bear life! Speaking with Vanity Fair in a new interview, Grant admitted his time as a flamboyantly washed-up theater actor in Paddington 2 (complete with a fabulous song and dance sequence) proved to be the highlight of his career.

“I was presenting I think at the Golden Globes, and they do that thing when you walk out, and they say, ‘From the forthcoming Paddington 2, Hugh Grant.’ And someone showed me Twitter afterwards, and it was … people were full of derision. ‘Christ, has it come to that. Poor old Hugh. Paddington 2. Sequel to a kids film,’” Grant recalled. “It’s particularly annoying in the case of Paddington 2, because I genuinely believe it may be the best film I’ve ever been in.” Need proof? Just watch the video below and take it all in.

Hugh Grant Correctly Says Paddington 2 Was His Best Film