Jeff Goldblum Promises Not to Mansplain in His New NatGeo Show

Photo: photo courtesy of NatGeo

Jeff Goldblum would like you to know that while his new NatGeo show The World According to Jeff Goldblum will have no shortage of the Goldblummy je ne sais quoi fans know and have come to expect from the quirktacular Jurassic Park star, a certain didacticism — a certain mansplaining quality implicit in the show’s title — is misleading. Appearing in Anaheim before 6,000 fans at Disney’s annual cosplay-meets-marketing extravaganza D23 in a snazzy shirt and even snazzier tie, the lanky hipster shaman unveiled the trailer for the 12-episode series, which is set to begin streaming on the Mouse House’s OTT service Disney+ on November 12.

In the spot, Goldblum reveals he’s “sort of fascinated by a lot of things,” among them: sneakers, denim, ice cream, tattoos, jewelry. The docuseries is basically America’s ageless funky uncle going places and trying to figure out the stuff he seems genuinely curious about, occasionally breaking into song and asking delightfully bonkers questions like, “If I were a meat that we’d put in a Korean barbecue, what would I be?” along the way. (Answer: pork belly!)

“I’m not here to be didactic or professorial in any way,” the actor says in the trailer. “I know nothing. That’s the premise. I’m a humble student. And in fact, I’m kind of a late bloomer.” Pause for maximum effect. “A late Goldblumer.”

Jeff Goldblum Promises Not to Mansplain in His NatGeo Show