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Jim Carrey’s Kidding Will Have 100% More Ariana Grande Next Season

Jim Carrey’s Showtime series, Kidding, will be back in action this fall, and today Showtime dropped the first trailer featuring a pretty famous Jim Carrey superfan. Renewed for a second season last October, the series will follow Carrey’s character, Jeff Pickles, as he struggles with the fact that his beloved children’s series has been taken off the air for the first time in 30 years, leading to him coming up with a “new and controversial method to talk directly to children across the world” that has heavy Black Mirror vibes. For a brief moment in the trailer, Ariana Grande shows up as a pickle fairy, which is a solid reward for being such a fan of Carrey’s work that she has a tattoo of his signature line from The Truman Show. Grande opened up about her experience working with Carrey earlier this week, calling it “the most special experience of my life.” Carrey seems equally pleased.

Kidding’s second season debuts on Showtime on Sunday, November 3 at 10 p.m.

Jim Carrey’s Kidding Now Has 100% More Ariana Grande