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Kieran Culkin Apologizes to All the Extras He’s Mean to in Succession

Kieran Culkin is not Roman Roy. For instance, Culkin and his wife, Jazz Charton, are expecting a baby. Roman Roy acts like a baby. Roman has three siblings he could do without. Culkin has seven siblings, including national treasure Kevin McCallister. (Yesterday but everyone forgets Macaulay Culkin? Christmas would be a nightmare …) And for every lashing insult Roman Roy whips at unsuspecting background characters on HBO’s Succession, there’s a Kieran Culkin apology to go along with it. He went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed one very important aspect of his job: introducing himself to extras who were not expecting to get completely roasted on set. “There are times when [directors] are just like, You know, if you want to, there’s a bunch of background actors there, just like rip into them,” he said, explaining this appropriate and normal suggestion for the workplace. “So, at the end of a take, I’ll just start making fun of some guy’s beard and yelling at him,” Culkin continues. “Then they go cut and I run over like, I’m Kieran by the way. They asked me to! That’s Roman.” At this point in the show’s success, some fans might love getting an authentic Roman Roy insult. More weird sits and mean bits this Sunday on HBO.

Kieran Culkin Apologizes to Extras He Insults on Succession