Kanye’s Sunday Services Are Getting an Album

Poopy-di scoop, scoop-diddy whoop. Amen. On Thursday afternoon, future attorney Kim Kardashian West took a break from cramming for the bar (one can only presume) to tease a new Kanye West album release on Twitter.

The post, which was not quite Taylor Swift levels of cryptic, features a handwritten track list with the title JESUS IS KING, with the date September 27 written along the bottom. It looks like Ye isn’t following his M.O. of producing concise, seven-track albums for his G.O.O.D. Music label, because this teased track list has 12 titles, including:

  • Glade
  • Garden
  • Selah
  • God Is
  • Baptized
  • Sierra Canyon
  • Hands On
  • Wake the Dead
  • Water
  • Through the Valley
  • Sunday
  • Sweet Jesus

The post also includes other teasers, like what appears to be a rejected track list featuring some authentic West-child pencil art in the corner, and a song titled “Breast Plate of Right.” There’s also a legal pad with some scrawled free-association words, including kingdom, strength, lion, Glory, fire, protected, and a word that looks like…. Rexing? It also has the phrases “Slaying the demons,” “changing opinions,” “defiant against fear,” and — encircled — “He will defend / and keep safe / all who call on his name.” These biblical motifs are all of a piece with West’s ongoing Sunday Services. One of the songs — Water — made its debut at the Coachella Sunday Service, which the plebs were able to watch through a pinhole. On the table are also a flashlight, a jar of ominous lemons, and a Bible open to Psalm 57:6, which Google tells me says: “They spread a net for my feet; my soul was despondent. They dug a pit before me, but they themselves have fallen into it! Selah.” Sounds on brand!

Kanye’s Sunday Services Are Getting an Album